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Posted by G Menzies - 1 year ago

Dear parent/carer,

The vast majority of young people have sustained a very good standard of school uniform throughout the year. However, over the last few weeks, as the temperature has been getting warmer, this standard has not been maintained in some classes. We understand that this sustained period of warm weather has impacted on the standard of uniform and we have been understanding in our approach to address this over the last few weeks. We will continue to accept black shorts as a part of the uniform due to the heightened temperatures, but we would ask for support from parents and carers to ensure that pupils are wearing a school shirt and tie. In addition, we will also accept Castlehead branded blue PE t-shirts as uniform while the temperatures remain high, but would ask that parents and carers ensure that pupils are sent to school in the acceptable uniform.

As you know, uniform is the main identifier for our school community and helps us ensure only those who are supposed to be in the building are here, as well as preparing our young people for future jobs. We would appreciate if you can support us with this important matter.